Week 1 | The Paralytic

Jesus desires for us to give Him authority over all areas of our lives. 

What is one specific area in your life that you feel you need to give authority to Jesus? Time? Talents? Relationships? Resources? 

Week 2 | woman on the street

God heals us from shame from the inside out. 

Jesus never defines us by our shame; we do that. Is there shame in your life that you are letting define you? What is it? 

Week 3 | The Rich young ruler

Don’t let pride keep you from letting Jesus work powerfully in your life. 

Jesus exposed the roof of pride in the right young ruler’s life. In what areas does the roof of pride still exist in your life? 

Week 4 | The two blind men

Don’t let your perceived limitation keep you from what God has for you in your life. 

What are your excuses, and how do those excuses keep your roof intact, disallowing God to wreck it? What would it look like to allow God to turn excuses into opportunities? 

Week 5 | Zaccheus

When we make God’s value our own, it allows God to wreck the roof of our insecurities. 

What are the things that are so valuable to me that I wouldn’t want to part with them? Is my desire to to hang on to these things Godly or is it driven by my insecurities? 

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