Week 1 | Pentecost

Jerry discusses the day of Pentecost, a powerful example of God’s convicting power.

Week 2 | Stoning of Stephen

Saul was determined to destroy Christianity, but God wrecked his life and he became its most outspoken advocate. Sometimes God wrecks things in order to accomplish bigger things.

Week 3 | Simon Peter

When wrongly-held beliefs are wrecked and replaced with the truth, we can experience God in profound ways.

Week 4 | The Church

In Acts, God wrecked the early church by taking them out of their culture, language, and familiar surroundings and circumstances in order to spread the Gospel to the world.

Week 5 | The Philippian Church

God wrecked Paul and Silas through the pain and hardship of prison, but delivered them in an amazing way, which resulted in the jailer and his family coming to Christ. Through this, the Philippian church was started.

Week 6 | The Gospel & The Church

It’s okay to be messy. God does some of His best work in messy situations. We need to let God wreck the “usual” in our lives.

Wreck The Roof

Week 1 | The Paralytic

We all have roofs–glass ceilings–that prevent us from unlocking the potential that God has in store for us. Join us for the first week of Wreck The Roof as we study the story of the paralytic in Mark 2.

Week 2 | Woman On The Street

This week Pastor Jerry Harris talks about the woman on the street in Mark 5. The woman was overcome by secrets and shame, but Jesus wrecked the roof of her shame and healed her at the same time.

Week 3 | The Rich Young Ruler

Our expectations and God’s reality collide in this week’s sermon. Pastor Jerry talks about the presuppositions that the rich young ruler, from Luke 18, had and how God wrecked them.

Week 4 | The Two Blind men

Excuses are keeping us from experiencing a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. This week we look at how two blind men, in Matthew 9, had their sight restored.

Week 5 | The Man In The Tree

When we make God’s value our own, it allows God to wreck the roof of our insecurities.

Week 6 | Commitment Weekend

Week 6 of our sermon series entitled, “Wreck the Roof” This week, Jerry Harris discusses “Commitment Weekend”