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Wreck the Roof is a 2-year initiative aimed to powerfully accelerate the mission and presence of Jesus into rural environments and into each of our lives.

To do this, we need to "wreck the roof" in five major areas:

Roof of Mission ($15.6 Million)

This covers the lifeblood of what we do daily. It represents our annual two-year operating budget.

Roof of Expansion ($3.3 Million)

This is to launch and establish as many as seven new Crossing locations, as well as acquire the Rushville Camp, in an effort to more effectively minister to kids and families.

Locations: We are looking at Bowling Green, Vandalia, Fort Madison, Burlington, Beardstown, Jacksonville, Bushnell, and Monmouth.

Roof of Leadership ($1.5 Million)

This is to invest in young leaders in an effort to equip them to lead in big ways in the years to come.

We intend to create a pipeline of new young leaders through a paid internship program that pays a decent salary, for up to two years, out of our present ministries. We are praying that these young leaders would develop into inspirers and world-changers. 

Roof of Engagement ($3 Million)

This is to refresh our existing physical locations by updating them to be specifically targeted to reaching those in our present communities still far from God.

This will concentrate on outwardly-focused ministries, entrances, signage, and children’s spaces. We are praying that God would use these to encourage people to check us out.

Roof of Debt ($2.6 Million)

This is to eliminate our present debt. We intend to pay our present debt off, not wanting it to impede any ground we wish to take, both now and in the future. We are praying that we will be blessed to be a blessing.