“We want to help people find an intimate personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

That passion has been driving The Crossing for the last 20 years. We’ve seen that desire display itself in thousands upon thousands of baptisms from locations spread out over a 165-mile wide region. We’ve witnessed it in countless “win stories” of recoveries over addictions, healed marriages, restored relationships, and outstretched hands to offer help in troubled times in Jesus’ name.

We’ve also seen those hands outstretched in praise and worship because we realize that anything that we’ve accomplished has only happened because God has done it. Many times, He has leaned us out over the edge of the cliff to remind us that whatever we’ve accomplished, it has only been because His Spirit has been mightily at work!

Whatever God has called us to, He has supplied the people, gifting, opportunities, and resources to get it done. This has created a trail 20 years long where the miraculous has become usual and even expected. It’s happened because we have cooperated with Him in His greatest desire to bring all His lost children home.

Now, we are ready to enter the latest chapter of this great story that will define our mission for the next generation. We’re calling it “Wreck The Roof” based on Mark chapter 2 and it will be a time of radical faith and generosity… a time that will define us for years to come. Our primary prayer is that we will experience 100% engagement, pulling this ministry-deep and geographically-wide church together in a singular focus. The excitement and challenge of it is going to be amazing!

One of The Crossing’s core values is to take big, faith-filled risks because we never want to insult God with small thinking and safe living. There is nothing small or safe about where we are going! I am so excited about what God will do in us, and through us, as He makes a greater impact in our communities, our region, and our world… and we get to do it together. I’m even more excited about what God will do in each of our hearts through the process because that’s the only real estate He is truly interested in. Come on… let’s wreck this roof in Jesus’ name!

Crowbar in hand,
Jerry Harris